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  • "Hidden" fragrance compound can cause contact allergy

    [27 May 2015] Linalyl acetate, a fragrance chemical that is one of the main constituents of the essential oil of lavender, is not on the list of allergenic compounds pursuant to the EU Cosmetics Directive. Thus, it does not need to be declared on cosmetic products sold within the EU. Recent studies at the University of Gothenburg have shown that linalyl acetate can cause allergic eczema.

  • Are antidepressants more effective than usually assumed?

    [25 May 2015] Many have recently questioned the efficacy of the most common antidepressant medications, the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). The conclusion that these drugs are ineffective is however partly based on a misinterpretation of the outcome of the clinical trials once conducted to demonstrate their efficacy. This was the finding of a study conducted by researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

  • New model for identifying total hip replacement candidates

    [19 May 2015] Researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy have designed a new model to help doctors and patients decide whether or not to proceed with total hip replacement surgery. The researchers have also surveyed patient wellbeing after surgery: patients with high education achieve greater outcome scores, while those with antidepressant prescriptions do not.

  • Method of delivery affects stabilization of gut microbiota

    [13 May 2015] Bacteria colonize the intestines at the time of birth. But the composition of the gut microbiota is affected by the method of delivery and subsequent consumption of breast milk or formula. Sahlgrenska Academy and the Halmstad County Hospital have completed a joint study on the topic together with BGI in China.

  • Gothenburg alumnus on a world health mission

    [13 May 2015] Growing resistance to antibiotics is threatening to erase the advances of modern medicine and make curable diseases fatal once again. An infectious disease specialist from Gothenburg is in the thick of the fight to reverse the trend.

  • GöteborgsVarvet a trial for regional disaster medicine

    [13 May 2015] Researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, have designed the first scientific tool for predicting risks and assessing resource requirements ahead of large public events. GöteborgsVarvet will be their initial trial.

  • Three new recipients of honorary doctorates at Sahlgrenska Academy

    [12 May 2015] The three new recipients of honorary doctorates at Sahlgrenska Academy are an activist scientist in southern Africa, a world renowned expert in periodontology and a top international clinical researcher.

  • MRI - prostate cancer screening for the future?

    [11 May 2015] A screening method that combines a traditional PSA test with an MRI detects a significantly greater number of prostate cancer cases and improves diagnostic accuracy. The study was conducted as part of the largest international research project on prostate cancer. The method will now be tried with 40,000 subjects in Gothenburg.

  • Older patients receive less evidence-based cardiac care than younger patients

    [5 May 2015] People in there 80s and 90s are more likely to develop acute coronary syndrome than their younger counterparts. Despite this, they receive less therapy and diagnostic procedures. A doctoral thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy has explored the topic.

  • Assar Gabrielsson award for ground-breaking work on public health

    [29 Apr 2015] The Assar Gabrielsson Award is given to someone who has written an excellent thesis on cancer research. The 2015 award-winner is Volkan Sayin, and he receives the award for his ground-breaking discoveries about the risks of over-consumption of anti-oxidants.

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