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  • Researchers identify new functional biomarker for autism in boys

    [20 Apr 2016] Researchers have developed a new brain imaging measure to identify autism in boys. The method opens up new possibilities to track progress and improve treatment.

  • The University of Gothenburg continues to be one of the world's best in odontology research

    [18 Apr 2016] The Institute of Odontology at the University of Gothenburg came in fifth in the overall rankings of odontology institutes of higher education in the world. However, scientifically, the institute ranked third in the world.

  • New study and database on biomarkers - a major aid in Alzheimer's research

    [11 Apr 2016] In a new study published in Lancet Neurology, researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy have been able to show which blood and cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers that best differentiate between patients with Alzheimer¿s disease and controls. Parallel to the study, the researchers developed a large database that gathers data on biomarkers in Alzheimer¿s and other forms of dementia.

  • The opportunity to live as others do increases feelings of participation

    [11 Apr 2016] A disability can lead to greater stress for persons with foreign backgrounds. They want to live as others do and the opportunity to be active in their daily life is basic to their sense of participation. A new doctoral thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy has explored these issues.

  • Threatening situations caused by patients and relatives creates fear in nurses

    [8 Apr 2016] Threatening situations caused by patients and relatives are a problem within several areas of healthcare, including trauma healthcare. In a new study at Sahlgrenska Academy interviewed nurses described such things as how, after a conflict situation, they can experience fear of being recognized out in public and worry of possibly being forced to witness.

  • Ruth Palmer receives the Göran Gustafsson Prize

    [6 Apr 2016] As recently as last fall, Ruth Palmer and her colleagues were finally able to identify a protein that binds to the receptor of the ALK gene in humans - after 15 years of hard work "Identifying the ligand for ALK was one of my major goals as a researcher, so it was really wonderful. The challenge now is to work with the clinical applications of the discovery," says Professor Ruth Palmer, who is this year¿s recipient of the Göran Gustafsson Prize in Molecular Biology.

  • Nursing in Gothenburg ranked 35th in the world

    [1 Apr 2016] When QS World University Rankings recently released their list of the world¿s best universities within the field of Nursing, the University of Gothenburg was ranked 35th. Thus, nursing is the second field at Gothenburg to place in the top one hundred in the QS subject rankings.

  • Medical student provides greater access to medical information on Wikipedia

    [1 Apr 2016] Initially he used Wikipedia as an aid for his own studies, then he began to discover minor errors or formulas that he could clarify and improve. Now, medical student, Carl Fredrik Sjöland, is active in the comprehensive international translation project intended to make medical information accessible to people in developing countries.

  • Children with autism need intervention over a long period of time

    [23 Mar 2016] 9 out of 10 preschool children with autism still have major difficulties within the autism field at school age, despite having received early intervention. A majority of the parents stated that the children do not receive sufficient support at school. A new doctoral thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy explored these issues in a study where children who had received an autism diagnosis between the ages of 2 and 4.5 years of age were followed up after 8 years.

  • Poor root fillings can be the result of stress and the economy

    [22 Mar 2016] Only half of all root fillings that are done in the Swedish public dental service are of good quality. The reason that dentists accept technically poor root fillings can be that they feel root fillings are difficult, associate them with stress and frustration as well as that a good quality root treatment often takes longer than what the dental care tariff allots as compensation. A new doctoral thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy has explored these issues.

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