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We conduct research and education in medicine, odontology and healthcare science. Top researchers, among them a Nobel Prize laureate, and young students come together under our roof – always in close contact with real-world healthcare.

We are a young enterprise that doesn’t let convention or preconception stand in the way of progress. Instead, our doors are open to collaboration – wherever it might help us to see new perspectives with better ways to prevent or treat illness.

We often choose an approach that is close to the patient. We collaborate with Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the Public Dental Service.
Here, we present a few of our co-workers and their research – eight accounts from real life to give you a picture of Sahlgrenska Academy.


Research News

  • Less than half of patients with gout receive preventive treatment

    [30 Aug 2016] Gout is the most prevalent arthritic disease in the Western Sweden region and its incidence has increased substantially over the last ten years. However, less than half of patients with gout receive preventive treatment according to a new study from Sahlgrenska Academy, the first of its kind in the Nordic region to investigate how prevalent gout is.

  • Recommended blood pressure targets for diabetes are being challenged

    [23 Aug 2016] The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare recently raised the recommended target blood pressure for patients with diabetes. This may lead to more patients suffering from stroke or heart attack, according to a new study from the Sahlgrenska Academy. The new study is the world¿s largest on the subject and is based on data from the National Diabetes Register.

  • Low physical capacity second only to smoking as highest death risk

    [19 Aug 2016] A 45 year study in middle-aged men, at Sahlgrenska Academy, has shown that the impact of low physical capacity on risk of death is second only to smoking. The research is published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

  • Calcium Supplements Linked to Dementia Risk in Women

    [18 Aug 2016] A new study from the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, shows that calcium supplements may be associated with an increased risk of dementia in older women who have had a stroke or other signs of cerebrovascular disease. The research is published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

  • The colon is defended from bacteria by a self-sacrificing sentinel cell

    [12 Jul 2016] A lone Sentinel cell monitors and coordinates the defense of the entrance to the colon¿s most sensitive parts. The Sentinel cell detects nearby bacteria and signals to a line of defensive cells to send out a cascade of mucus to push away the invaders. As a final self-sacrificing action the cell commits suicide and ejects itself into the intestinal lumen.

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