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  • Researchers observe major hand hygiene problems in operating rooms

    [9 Mar 2015] An observational study by Sahlgrenska Academy researchers at a large Swedish hospital found 2,393 opportunities for hand disinfection and/or aseptic techniques. Doctors and nurses missed 90% of the opportunities.

  • Senior citizens increasingly satisfied with their sex lives

    [4 Mar 2015] Senior citizens have experienced a considerable improvement in their sex lives since the 1970s. A doctoral thesis by Nils Beckman at Sahlgrenska Academy has found that six out of every ten women and seven out of every ten men over 70 are highly satisfied with their sex lives.

  • The most effective surgical procedure for extreme obesity should be used with caution

    [6 Feb 2015] Based on five-year follow-up of patients in a randomized clinical trial, researchers have concluded that gastric bypass is the preferred treatment for extreme obesity despite the fact that it is not as effective in reducing body weight as duodenal switch.

  • Web method can prevent blindness in premature babies

    [29 Jan 2015] Children born prematurely are at risk of being struck by the eye disease ROP, which can cause blindness. Using a new web-based method, doctors can now identify the at-risk children long before the initial symptoms present themselves, which increases the possibility of preventive measures.

  • Swedish model for PSA testing has little effect on mortality

    [21 Jan 2015] The spontaneous PSA testing that has been applied in Sweden in recent decades has only had a marginal effect on mortality. An organized screening focused on those who have the most to gain would, however, reduce the risk of dying from prostate cancer by over 40 percent. This is shown by studies at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

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